Today Sheffield Shield Match Prediction & Betting Tips

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Free Sheffield Shield betting tips by experts

Our cricket tipsters earn a living from following and betting on cricket matches, so you know that you'll always be getting top quality advice from people who are heavily invested in the sport. These experts know Australian cricket inside and out. They've spent years watching matches and wondering why things have happened, making them the perfect people to try and help you see what will happen in future Sheffield Shield match predictions.

Our experts will be able to help you tell your Jackson Bird from your Sam Rainbird, your Jake Doran from your Alex Doolan, your Shaun Marsh from your... Mitchell Marsh. While we know that you love cricket and that you probably can't wait for the next match in the tournament to begin, you might not have enough time to research every conceivable angle before making your bets.

That's where our tipsters step in. With their incredible collection of historical data and their methods for comparing stats to bookmakers' odds, you can be confident that every Sheffield Shield betting prediction will be full of information and insight. Here's a little look into how our experts will be bringing you their Sheffield Shield betting tips throughout the season.

  • It starts the same way that many great stories do: through the running of prediction models to try and determine how likely each outcome will be in a Sheffield Shield match. These models use 100 million simulations of a cricket match to work out the probability of each outcome.
  • These probabilities are then converted into betting odds, which allows our experts to see if the betting markets are at the expected level. Do the bookmakers and punters agree with what the prediction model declares to be the most likely outcome? Or are the markets not where the mathematical probabilities suggest they should be?
  • Our tipsters generate a comparison report to find the biggest differences between the modelling and the betting markets. The larger the positive difference, the better the Sheffield Shield betting tips. Our experts care about getting the maximum return from a bet, so they'll highlight the markets with the best value for a punter.
  • Our experts then round off their Sheffield Shield match prediction with their opinion. While statistics help us to remove our bias and look at probabilities, you shouldn't underestimate a tipster's perception of a match. A change in the weather or a team's line-up could ultimately change the probabilities of each outcome, which is where our tipsters' years of experience watching Australian cricket comes in handy.

The modelling does the legwork, but our experts know how to make judgements based on both the data and the circumstances surrounding a cricket match. That's how our tipsters make their Sheffield Shield today match predictions.

Who will win today's Sheffield Shield match?

There are several factors that contribute to the creation of our Sheffield Shield betting tips. Each match might have one or two factors that are particularly vital to the outcome, but our experts weigh up all of the past historical data and current trends to work out where the value will be.

Check out this quick run-through of what influences our tipsters' Sheffield Shield predictions:

Innings - what will the first batting team be looking to score? Maybe the toss will make all the difference - more on that later. Sometimes the stage is set for the first batting side to post a score of 400+, or maybe a team will come undone on a difficult bowling track. Our experts identify what will be a good target score, as many of the best cricket bookmakers will allow you to bet on an over/under market for the team's total.

Over - how quickly will a side be looking to score? Will a team get bogged down and score too slowly? If so, that might bring the draw into play.

Delivery - what is the pitch normally like at this venue for a Sheffield Shield match? Do batters, seamers, or spinners love coming here the most? Also, our tipsters have followed these Sheffield Shield bowlers throughout their careers, so they know what types of delivery may be on the cards - and what impact that will have on the batsmen.

Wickets - is this one of those tracks where we expect to see forty wickets? Or will the pitch be a batter's dream? Our tipsters have tons of historical data that can help them predict the number of wickets that will fall, and what impact that will have on the overall match result.

Target - in four-day cricket, it is important to look at the big picture. Our experts can use their modelling to anticipate what sort of target might be set in the final innings, and what sort of target might be impossible to get for the batting side. At that point, bettors would have the in-play option to back the bowling team instead.

Batsman - who should be the top-scoring batsman in a match? Sometimes there is a player in irresistible form, like Marcus Harris in the 2018-19 season, who our experts might want to get on side in their betting portfolio. However, there is often value to be found lower down the markets. Maybe a batsman has had an unlucky string of dismissals but has shown the technique of someone on the verge of racking up a big score. Maybe a batsman comes to life at a certain stadium, no matter what their recent form has been like.

Bowler - The same is true for bowlers. While Harris was racking up the runs in 2018-19, it was Trent Copeland who led the wicket-taking charts. Sometimes, you have to back the man in form. Our tipsters will also be able to guide you to the dark horses in the race to be the top wicket-taker in a Sheffield Shield match. The type of pitch is crucial in determining which bowler will make the biggest difference over the four days.

Partnership - is there an opening duo that always get a team off to a good start, or is there a shaky pairing that immediately puts a batting side under pressure? Sometimes, you can look at an opening partnership and feel certain that a side will be 150/0 or 20/2. Our tipsters use all of the statistics imaginable to help them monitor the most and least effective partnerships.

While bookmakers may offer markets specifically based on each of these factors, all of these help our experts to determine their Sheffield Shield predictions for the biggest market of them all: the outright win market. While sometimes you might fancy an individual to perform well but ultimately end up on the losing side, generally the winning team will be the one that handles the conditions, the one that has the in-form bowling attack, the one that can build partnerships.

All of these factors work together to help our tipsters give you their best Sheffield Shield bet prediction for each match.

Today Sheffield Shield match toss

The match toss can have a massive impact on a Sheffield Shield match prediction. There are some instances where winning the toss can be the biggest factor in helping a team to win a match. Of course, that means that losing the toss can also be hugely influential in causing a team to lose the match.

The toss doesn't have all the power, as it takes the right tactical approach and mentality to make the most of a good toss. However, the deteriorating pitch conditions that we see across the course of a first-class cricket match means that batting first can sometimes give a side a massive advantage.

Our tipsters can give you advice on which matches will have the most significant toss, using data from previous years to determine the venues where it will be a very good toss to win.

FAQ Sheffield Shield Predictions and Betting Tips