Today BPL Match Prediction and Betting Tips

Get the top BPL match predictions every day. Place Bangladesh Premier League bets like an pro! Our daily BPL match predictions are always based on solid opinions backed by data generated prediction estimations. Increase your long-term winning chances by following our free BPL betting tips.

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Free BPL betting tips by experts

When we promise you the very best BPL betting tips, we absolutely mean it. Indeed, the work that we do when it comes to the most accurate predictions is not done without our experts carrying out painstaking analysis in order to find the most reliable tips out there. But let’s start with our experts and why they are the best in the industry.

The experts that work for us live in India have grown up following cricket from an early age. They have taken their love for the game and transformed it into making the most accurate BPL bet predictions. It’s not only a passion for the game that gives us the edge, but it’s also the mathematical and statistical approach that gives us the most clarity.

The World's most accurate BPL match predictions

We run a prediction model that simulates the game in question close to 100 million times which then provides us with the clearest picture. From there, the prediction model converts the betting market outcome probabilities into odds. You cansuddenly begin to see why we are regarded as the best in the business, but our work doesn’t stop there.

We will then generate a comparison summary that highlights all the best betting tips for a BPL game. Our model only gives us the best BPL betting tips with the highest expected value.

Our last step is to call on the human element as our expert tipsters run their eye over the game in question and add to the already formulated prediction with their thoughts on all the variable factors like injuries and team line ups. We will also have a look at the weather forecast over the time that the game will be played and consider which side the elements may favour. After all, the outcome of a game of cricket can often be heavily influenced by the weather.

Who will win today's BPL match?

Now, when it comes to delivering the most accurate predictions, we simulate our BPL cricket models using data for the below factors. All variables affecting our BPL today match predictions are statistically significant.


The first thing we have a look at during a game before we make a call on who is likely to win is the innings of the first team batting. So, if Rajshahi Royals are taking on the Khulna Tigers, and the Royals only make 120 runs in their 20 overs, we’re going to back the Tigers to win as they only need six runs an over to get to their set target. Basically, whatever happens in the first innings will give us a clear blueprint and sways the way we go with our prediction.


If there is a massive over during the playing of a BPL game, then that will change the odds on who is likely to win. After all, it only takes a few big overs in T20 cricket to take the game away from the opposition. If you think back to when Yuvraj Singh hit Stuart Broad for six consecutive sixes in an over during the 2007 ICC T20 World Cup, you can imagine how the game would have immediately swung India’s way after scoring 36 runs in a single over. Well, if this type of an event happens in an over the probability of the batting side winning will go up straight away.


Should a bowler begin to bowl a few exceptional deliveries during the playing of a BPL fixture then the odds on the game could change as this is an indication that a wicket could fall soon. We will then assess this information and make sure that the tips we provide contemplate the deliveries being bowled and the probability of a wicket falling soon.


Nothing swings the balance of a cricket game like wickets. When they begin to fall the game can take on a very different complexion in the blink of an eye. That’s why we stay on top of every wicket that falls and keep our tips in line with how many batsmen are making their way back to the shed.


Chasing a massive target is always going to put the team that bats first in the driving seat. The T20 record was set by Afghanistan when they made 278/3 against Ireland in Dublin during 2019. Now, a team just isn't getting beaten when they rack up that many runs in just 120 balls so the tips will be based on how many runs a team sets the opposition to get.

Likewise, if a team makes a very low score as the Dutch did in 2014 against Sri Lanka when they made 39, the tip will be for the team batting second to comfortably win the game.


T20 powerplays are very much where the game is won and lost. A powerplay consists of six overs where only two fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle. A team that successfully utilizes the power play by hitting boundaries consistently is very likely to win the game or at least get the temporary upper hand. This is likely to sway the odds of the contest dramatically.


There are some explosive hitters in the modern game that have taken batting to the next level. The likes of Ab de Villiers, Virat Kohli, Andre Russell, and Jos Buttler have the power to win a game on their own. If they begin to go well during a fixture than it’s time to put your hard hats on in the crowd and run for cover with the ball likely to come over the boundary with regularity. If players like this are participating in a certain game then they will be the favourites given how impressive their strike rates are.


The constant narrative is that it is a batters game these days but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some world-class operators with the ball. Take Jasprit Bumrah for example, this is a bowler that operates at an average of 20.11 and is arguably the world’s finest T20 bowler out there. Batsmen are likely to struggle against top-class T20 bowlers which is why we base our tips on how experienced a certain bowler is in the T20 game, if they are masters of their craft, like Bumrah, then the odds on them winning are much improved.


Partnerships are the backbone of any victory in cricket. It doesn’t just have to be batting but also bowling as well. The obvious would be a batting partnership where two batsmen manage to flay the attack by notching up a significant amount of runs together and in doing so transferring the pressure on to the bowling team. But you can also have a bowling partnership where two bowlers work in tandem together and manage to take wickets at constant intervals.

We monitor any previous partnerships and any current ones to make sure we provide the best tip possible.

Today BPL match toss

The toss is one of the most important factors in the game of cricket as it immediately gives one team the edge over the other, all by just successfully calling what way the coin will land. But it’s so much more than that as the team that wins the toss gets first use of a pitch that will either assist batting or bowling, now that is huge when determining what way the game will go.

Should there also be a bit of inclement weather on the horizon, winning the toss can help a team stay one step ahead of proceedings and transfer all the pressure onto the team that loses the toss. This is where our friends Duckworth and Lewis come into it as they decide the winner of a game that has been affected by rain.

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