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These days, IPL betting is the biggest markets in the whole of the betting industry. That’s right, when the carnival rolls into town during late March of every year, the world and, India comes to a complete standstill. Over 411 million people watched the 2019 edition of the Indian Premier League with many of those IPL enthusiasts enjoying a punt at the same time.
If you’ve been wanting a piece of the action for a while now but haven’t been sure where the top betting sites are to be found then you’ve come to the right place. Absolutely everything that you need to know with regards to the latest IPL predictions, latest betting odds, tournament schedule and the history of this tournament that has been running since 2008 can be found here.
We also offer our own AI-based take on odds and account for all the odds fluctuations, as well as providing real-time odds benchmark to make sure you are always up to date with the goings-on of the latest IPL matches.

ipl 2020 odds

Compare Indian Premier League Odds

First things first, don’t just jump in without having a look at the best odds available to you. Many of the IPL odds presented will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. For instance, bet365 currently has the Sunrisers Hyderabad at odds of 5.00 to win the 2020 IPL season whereas Sky Bet has the 2016 champions at 6.00. Odds will vary so keep an eye out for the best ones that give you maximum value.
The best IPL betting sites offer instant and reliable payout in Rupees as well as the very best odds. Indeed, if it is the best IPl betting rate you want, then the below bookmakers have it for you.

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Easy to Bet on IPL Odds

Betting on the IPL is as simple as it gets with so many online bookies providing punters with the most user-friendly apps. It's as easy as taking out your phone during your lunch break and betting on Virat Kohli to score a 50 for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the evening game. In the blink of an eye, you have managed to get involved and join the thriving community of punters across India who have all hedged their bets for the upcoming game. It’s now over to Kohli and the rest to see that you punt comes home.

IPL odds example

Let's say Kohli’s RCB are playing against Jasprit Bumrah’s Mumbai Indians, this will be a closely fought game that will shake the ground it is played on, but the Mumbai Indians will go in as favourites at odds of 2.00 to win. Meanwhile, Kohli’s RCB will be at slightly longer odds of 3.00, so what does this mean for your punt?

Well, If you were to place 1000₹ on RCB to win and they did, then you would instantly receive a profit of 2000₹ paid directly into your account on top of the 1000₹ you bet initially. But let’s say you wanted to play safe and bet on Bumrah to bowl the opposition out cheaply and placed 1000₹ on Mumbai’s odds of evens, then you would receive an instant profit of your starting stake, this time being a 1000₹ payout into your account as well as the initial 1000₹ stake.

How do I improve my chances?

Betting on IPL fixtures is by no means a shot in the dark - certainly not. There are ways to maximize your chances of a return and any punter who has a wealth of cricket knowledge should delve into that. So let’s go back to our example game of RCB vs Mumbai Indians; say they are playing on a dry pitch at the Wankhede Stadium.

All the commentators and pundits are saying that Bumrah will be unplayable given that he bowls his cutters and slow balls better than anyone in the business. This should lead you to bet on RCB scoring less than 150 runs given how much success the bowlers are likely to have on this wicket.

On the other side of the coin, the same applies for RCB at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, let's say there are no demons in the pitch, you’re then going to back Kohli and co. to pile on the runs, so this time you would bet on RCB scoring over 175 runs.

It’s all about paying attention to the conditions and the form of the teams. We recommend that you always follow our IPL betting tips to maximise your long term winning chances.

Live betting on IPL odds markets

There are a few betting markets in the IPL that are a lot more popular than others. Indeed, these are the markets that are most used on the day of the game as punters flock to them because of their simplicity and, of course, how much excitement they provide.

If you want ultimate excitement then live betting is the way to go. It’s also a great option to make a profit given that you can see how the match is going before you hedge your bet. So if Bumrah takes a wicket during the first ball of the match, you can log onto your mobile betting app and bet on the 26-year-old to take the most wickets on the day. In-play gives the real cricket boffins a chance to capitalize on some healthy returns.

Match winner

This is the most obvious market to bet on in the IPL and is so beautifully straightforward. All you’re doing is deciding on who will win the game, it’s as simple as that.

So if RCB play the Mumbai Indians, all you are required to do is pick who will win and put a stake down. Rest assured, you will be given the best IPL match rates so even if it is straightforward, you will still be getting the best value.

Outright winner

The IPL 2020 outright winner market is full of value, especially if you have a punt before a ball is bowled in the competition. Basically you are deciding who will be the outright winners after seven weeks of IPL action.
So anybody who bet on the Mumbai Indians to win the 2019 IPL last year would have made a handsome profit come the end. You can bet on the winners throughout the course of the IPL but you're always going to get better odds before we see who the real contenders are, so keep that in mind.

Man of the match

The Man of the Match market is a real goldmine but you must have done your homework on who the form players are coming into the game, as they will likely be the ones in the running for the award at the end. So if Virat Kohli has scored three consecutive hundreds coming into a game and it at odds of 5/1 to be the Man of the Match, it makes perfect sense to have a bet on him. Alternatively, if Mitchell Starc is chasing leather and going at 10 runs to the over in the IPL, it doesn’t make sense to bet on the lanky Australian to be Man of the Match.

IPL match toss

Whilst we’ve advocated for lots of critical thinking before making a bet, here is a market that requires none, and we mean absolutely none. The winner of the coin toss is the ultimate lottery but you will be given a 50% in the IPL odds chance no matter what. So when the match referee tosses the coin and Kohli shouts heads, all you have to do is wait and see. Should it land on heads and you bet on Kohli to win the toss at odds of evens, then it’s time for the good times to roll.

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