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Get the top IPL prediction today to place winning bets on a consistent basis. Our daily IPL betting tips and online betting model estimates will increase your long-term winning probabilities.

IPL 2020 Betting Tips

Superior IPL match prediction formula

To find a working forcasting model is every bettor's aim. How can anyone build a prediction model that successfully incorporates all factors contributing to the final score result of an IPL match? Our best IPL tipsters (all with a proven IPL betting record) together with the best sport modellers have found the winning formula.

Free IPL betting tips from Experts

The Indian Premier League is like no other cricket tournament around the world. The event brings the whole Indian population to its feets for the duration of two months each year. The overall betting volumes generated by this cricket tournament alone just proves this fact. Pulsating game action causing euphoria or disappointment, all depending from game results altering the value of several million IPL bet slips. Our aim is to ensure that our visitors only pursue the best and most justified free IPL betting tips prior placing their own bets. We try to accieve this by tirelessly working behind the scenes to defend our position as the superior IPL bet predicition site in the world.

Tipster strike rate

For our experts, it’s not simply a case of going with whatever direction the wind is blowing. Far from it. The professional experts that we have who predict the outcome of an IPL game are able to make a living from the calling the action correctly. Along with an understanding of the game that can’t be matched after growing up and watching cricket from a young age, our experts have a tipster model that removes any lingering doubt about the outcome of a game.

First off, we favour a mathematical approach that is aided by statistics. During the prediction process, we simulate the outcome of a game around 100 times through our prediction model in order to find the correct outcome probabilities for the various markets in the IPL. Our expert tipster model then automatically converts the betting market outcome probabilities into odds for that day’s game.

Faultless IPL tipster model estimation

From here, we streamline our findings and by generating a comparison report which flags the best betting tips. We make sure that the betting tips listed are the ones with the highest positive expected value.

The last step for us is the most crucial as we hand over the data generated prediction report to our IPL expert tipsters. They will make the final call on what is most likely to happen in the upcoming game and relate our estimations to the probabilities reflected in the odds from betting sites. Our tipsters will, when necessary, expose the model probability outputs to fluctuating factors like injuries, weather conditions and other game specific variables. Expressly, we mix the best of both worlds. A faultless tipster projection, together with the world’s leading cricketing data. The results are the very best IPL betting tips ever consumed by any IPL enthusiast.

IPL 2020 Todays Match

Today IPL match toss

The whole of India collectively holds its breath when a captain flips the coin given how important the toss is to the outcome of the game. We know its in the lap of the gods but at the same time also know how the underdogs can become real contenders should the coin fall favourably for them. We never underestimate the impact of the match toss and adjust our predictions because of it.

Best IPL Betting Sites

Get to know the most reliable IPL betting sites and place your bets with confidence. We only consider the best IPL online websites in our top-list.

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