Privacy Policy at Cricketprediction.com

The issue of privacy is hugely important to every member of our team here at Cricketprediction.com. We are committed to ensuring any personal data that we gather is handled correctly, and this policy outlines the key details you need to know about our operations and how we ultimately make use of any information that we collect.

Who can benefit from our services?

Cricketprediction.com (referred to as 'we' or 'us' in this policy) is an online cricket betting advice website that offers information and predictions on the latest major tournaments and matches taking place within the sport. The website aims to ensure that all cricket fans ('you') can make an informed choice when betting on a range of cricket events across the world. Cricketprediction.com solely targets an audience that is 18 years or older.

What information do we collect?

Our work on the website involves gathering specific information related to how people use the platform. Information collected may include:

  • Behaviour and website pages visited during a stay at Cricketprediction.com
  • The name of the website which has forwarded a user to our site
  • The web browser used when visiting Cricketprediction.com
  • Time, country and device used to access and browse our site

Please bear in mind that none of this information can disclose your identity.

Furthermore, if we offer newsletters or similar services, we may require personal information such as an email address. If this becomes the case, we will always provide information on what you will receive and instructions on how you can opt-out of such services.

We have made every effort to prevent children from accessing the service. If we become aware that any data collected relates to a person under 18, we delete this data immediately.

How is the information collected?

We use weblogs and tracking scripts to monitor user behaviour. We also employ cookies for such data collecting activity. User-specific data required by us to be able to grant the user access to specific site products or features must be accepted by each user separately.

What do we collect data?

Any information collected in relation to the day-to-day use of Cricketprediction.com helps us to improve the general experience of our website and its services. In some cases, we may also use this information for the following purposes:


We may utilise data in our effort to tailor the website and its services to serve your needs best.


It may also be the case that personal information is required to ensure that relevant and timely promotions are issued. Such gather such personal data is only upon prior acceptance from each user.


Any data gathered may also be used to detect or prevent potential security issues or fraudulent activity.

Tell me more about cookies – what are they?

As Google explains here, cookies are essentially small files of text designed to record specific data. They are primarily employed by website owners' to improve their services. By using Cricketprediction.com, you are providing your consent to the use of these cookies.

What data can we access through your browser cookies?

Purely data that you choose to share with the website. Please rest assured, our cookies merely grant us access to non-private information.

Can I control cookies?

Any individual can manage cookies via the web browsers that they use on their favourite devices. Many browsers allow you to perform a range of actions, from deleting specific files to disabling them completely.

What cookies are used on this site?

Cricketprediction.com makes use of both first-party cookies and third-party cookies, and it is important to explain that these tend to differ in several ways.

First-party cookies

Cricketprediction.com is responsible for these cookies and uses them to process usage data, browsing patterns, and other key information.

Third-party cookies

The absolute majority of browsers from major use cookies by default. Multinational internet service providers such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Microsoft Bing, and Aimtell all make use of cookies in their web browsers. If you want more information on third-party cookies and their policies, this information is available at the respective organisation's website.

Does Cricketprediction.com share data with other parties?

Cricketprediction.com does not sell, distribute or lease any personal information to third-party organisations unless you consent or the law requires us to do so.

Some bodies that we may share data with include:

  • Advertising partners: We may do this to improve our performance as well as to reduce the risk of fraudulent activity.
  • Contractors: From time to time, we may outsource business functions, and service providers will process data in line with their responsibilities.
  • Potential buyers: We may have to share information with those who approach us in connection with the potential sale of this website and any related operations.

We apply the General Data Protection Regulation to our EU visitors. Article 6(1) of the regulation highlights the various legal bases for the processing of data, and we do so to pursue our legitimate interests. These include:

  • To improve the general website experience
  • To tackle concerns regarding fraud
  • To examine our advertising performance

If your interests as a data subject are deemed to be more important than the company's, we will stop processing any information until securing your consent. Furthermore, we will ask for consent to process data if it relates to other uses of that information.

How does Cricketprediction.com approach data protection?

Cricketprediction.com is committed to using a range of key methods to protect any personal data we store. It includes the use of encryption technology throughout our management systems.

Your rights

Users of the website have a right to request access to any data related to them, while they can also ask for it to be corrected, erased, or restricted in some manner. Please contact us, and we will process the request in line with appropriate timeframes.

Furthermore, you can opt-out of data processing at any time. Please contact us for more information.

Will this privacy policy change?

This policy may well change and be updated from time to time. As such, it is wise for all website users to regularly review the information included within it and stay informed on the issue.